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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Yes. All of our event or session coverage is for consecutive hours, meaning the coverage begins when our team gets to the location for the pre-arranged start time of the session or event, and ends when the session or event ends (usually also at the pre-discussed time). Any breaks in the middle are considered a part of the overall event or session. 
  • If your wedding & reception are taking place on separate days, you can split the total number of hours in your package across both days, into two consecutive phases of coverage. For example, if you've booked the Picasso collection, which includes 16 hours of coverage for the wedding & reception, you can use 10 consecutive hours for the wedding day on a Saturday, and use the remaining 6 consecutive hours for your Reception on a Sunday. 
  • The above option also exists for smaller events taking place over multiple days. However, for any smaller events, we have a minimum coverage of 2 hours, regardless of the size of the event. This applies to any pre-wedding event, engagement party, etc.   

is all coverage for consecutive hours?

We regularly photograph around the world, and have been serving couples in exotic destinations across the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Europe and India. Any shoot or event we photograph outside of the Greater Toronto Area will be accompanied with a flat travel and/or accommodation fee. Any destination weddings, outside of Toronto, will be accompanied with a flat travel & accommodation fee for 2 photographers (based on location and duration of events).

do you photograph outside of toronto, canada?

Absolutely. Every single photo that you receive will go through the same post production process as the images you see on our website and social media channels. No image leaves our studio unedited. We do not provide RAW or unedited images. 

do you edit all the images?

Our studio has been photographing weddings and serving couples since 2010. 

how long have you been in business?

Our team currently consists of 4 Lead Photographers and 4 Associate Photographers. Every wedding day is documented by 1 Lead and 1 Associate Photographer (2 photographers in total). We also have Assistants and Interns who may assist our Photographers from time to time.

how big is your team?

• 35% due as retainer upon signing of the contract, to secure your dates.
• 55% due 1 month before your wedding date.
• 10% due upon delivery of all the edited images.

what is your payment structure like?

For weddings, full post-production takes approximately 3 to 4 months, and you’ll get a sneak peek online within 1 month of your event. For engagement sessions or smaller events, it's usually 30 to 60 days.


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